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How to Stop Package ThievesOnline shopping and home deliveries have become more common than ever. Being able to have your packages delivered right to your home is easy and extremely convenient. However, there are some downsides to this way of shopping. For instance, your package could be lost in transit, delivered broken or stolen right from your doorstep.

Package thieves are unfortunately a common reality for many people, especially for those who live in populated areas. In fact, 30% of Americans have been victims of package theft, with that rate rising even higher during the holiday season. Even though this is a federal crime, that is not enough to keep these porch pirates away. In order to stop package thieves from stealing from you, here are some ways on how to stop package thieves from stealing your valuables.

Set Up A Camera System

This could be a heavy investment, but if you want to protect your packages, this is the perfect deterrent for package thieves. Most thieves will abort their mission if they see a camera on your front porch. If they do decide to be risky and take your packages anyway, then you will be able to hopefully capture their face and bring that to the police.

How to Stop Package ThievesWarning Signs

Having a warning sign that there is a security system installed is another way to stop package thieves. Sometimes when thieves see a sign like that they will not bother to target your house. Package stealing is all about opportunity, so if they think there is a low probability of not getting caught, they will most likely leave your house alone.

Provide Delivery Instructions

Providing delivery instructions can change the way your package is typically delivered. For instance, you can request no delivery on the days you will not be home. That way you can grab your package the moment it gets dropped off to you. If you still want packages delivered when you are not home, you can instruct your packages to be dropped off at the back or side of your house where they will not be easily spotted

Deliver at Work Instead

If you are able to have your packages delivered at work instead, this is a sure way to avoid package thieves. This is a safest option to make sure you receive your packages, but it could be a pain to have to lug your packages to your car and bring them home with you each time. Use this technique only if you think the benefits outweigh the hassle.

Amazon Key

How to Stop Package ThievesIf you order from Amazon majority of the time, consider purchasing Amazon Key. With this service, you allow the Amazon courier to access your home and/or car and drop your packages off safety inside. You will have to have trust in letting someone deliver inside your house, but it is a lot safer than leaving your packages vulnerable on your front porch.

It is an incredibly frustrating and violating feeling being a victim of theft. Take the necessary step and precautions to protect your packages as you possibly can to avoid this happening to you. When you create a system that makes it harder for package thieves to strike, they will most likely be drawn away in fear of getting caught. These techniques will not make you completely bullet proof, but it will drastically lower the risk of having your packages stolen.

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