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How Much Is A Good Home Security SystemYou cannot underestimate the benefits that come with installing an effective security system in your home. A sound system safeguards your property and family, keeping away unforeseen financial losses and medical bills. Undoubtedly, you will be keen on knowing the costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a security system. Surprisingly, there is no fixed price, as several factors influence the overall cost of a good home security system. Whereas that may sound tricky, read on as the article guides you through costs associated with home security plans.

Cost of equipment

The price of the equipment accounts for a considerable percentage of the upfront fees homeowners pay for their security systems. The basic system comprises about three window or door sensors, a control panel (may incorporate an alarm unit), and a motion detector. This may cost from $100 to $250, depending on the brand.
Depending on your security needs, you may consider augmenting the basic system with outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras ($100-$200), additional door and window sensors (at least $15 each), smoke detectors (about $20 each), key fob (starting from $25), and additional motion detectors ($20/piece). Keep in mind that some home security providers offer “free” equipment but charge high monthly monitoring fees.

Installation cost

How Much Is A Good Home Security SystemYou will need to choose between DIY installation and professional installation. It’s easy to DIY install a wireless system, and this can help reduce the overall cost significantly. However, some systems, especially the wired options, require professional installation whose cost varies depending on whether you have a prewired home, whether the expert is starting from scratch and price of materials needed. You may consider working with an installer subcontracted by your provider or hire one by yourself. Before hiring an installer, checker whether they are certified, experienced and licensed to perform the practice. Professional installation costs at least $100 up to about $400.

Activation fee

System activation goes hand in hand with installation. Note that your provider may charge a certain fee to activate your home security system. You want to know the payment time (before installation or on the subsequent bill) and whether the activation covers all your system gadgets. The least amount you can pay for activation is about $99.

24/7 monitoring fee

How Much Is A Good Home Security SystemMonitoring services provide significant saving benefits. Your security company can supply equipment and offer installation at a discounted price when you purchase their monitoring plan. Besides, having professionals monitor your security system 24/7 can help mitigate incredible financial losses in the form of property loss or emergency medical bills. Conventionally, monitoring contracts include equipment repair and replacement, troubleshooting, live video coverage, and customer support.

Whereas your provider may have a base monitoring price, note that additional equipment may raise the monitoring cost significantly. Undoubtedly, working with a provider with straightforward monitoring packages is non-optional. For a DIY system, the monitoring fee starts at about $15/month, whereas the monitoring packages for professionally installed systems cost at least $35/month.

It’s wise to consider the potential costs before purchasing a home security system from a particular provider. The least you expect from a provider is surprise fees. Whereas the article has discussed the typical expenses, be sure to read your provider’s contract to have an insight into all fees you are likely to pay when you opt for their services.

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