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Security System

Are wireless security systems secure?
Yes. Based on research it’s much easier to an intruder to disarm a landline than disrupt the wireless signal from your security plan. When an intruder tries to disable your home or business control panel, it set off an alarm before the system is compromised.
Can I turn the alarm system on and off?
Yes, all of our Brinks and systems provide multiple ways to arm or disarm your system. For example our home security system allows you to control your settings by using Brinks Home Security app, Bluetooth and optional keychain remote.
When a security breach occurs, does my system tell me where in my home it happened?
Yes. Each sensor will make sure your door, window, or area is protected. You will receive a notification that will indicate the location of the breach when an alarm occurs.
Does my security system have a warranty?
Your Brinks Security system hardware is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. If anything breaks during the first two years, it will be replaced.

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Who gets notifications when my alarm goes off?

Can I choose who I want to be notified?

Once you activate monitoring with Brinks Home Security, you will specify a list of emergency contacts. With professional monitoring, once an alarm goes off, the Alarm Response Center will begin contacting the individuals on your list. You can update the list anytime.

You’ll receive notifications through your mobile app, but you’ll also have ASAPer, our patented alert system that connects as many emergency contacts as you want. When an alarm goes off, you and your emergency contacts will automatically receive your choice of voice calls, texts and/or email notifications from Brinks Home Security while we work on your behalf to contact help if it’s needed. You can also quickly declare a false alarm if necessary.

Emergency contacts can also participate in ASAPer’s group chat, which lets you send each other private messages when an alarm occurs to make sure it’s resolved properly. (source: Brinks Security)

Can I save money on my homeowner’s insurance by having an alarm system?

It’s common for some insurers to provide a discount of up to 20 percent on homeowner’s insurance if you have a professionally monitored system. Be sure to check with your insurance company for more information. (source: Brinks Security)

I don't have a landline. Can I still get a system?
Certainly. Our systems communicate wirelessly through cellular networks and Wi-Fi – no landline needed. (source: Brinks Security)
Can I take my system with me if I move to a new home?
Yes. That’s one of the advantages of a wireless self-installed system. Just take the devices out of your old home and place them in your new home. Once you have installed your system in the new location, just call or chat to let us know. Your monthly rate will remain the same unless you choose to add additional services. (source: Brinks Security)

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